Today’s date:
23rd April 2021
Lunar date:
10th Ramadan 1442
Today’s Salaat Times:
Imsaak at 3:27 am
Fajr at 3:47 am
Sunrise at 5:49 am
Dhuhr at 1:09 pm
Sunset at 8:17 pm
Maghrib at 8:32 pm

Ariza to our 12th Imam (ajtf)

Ariza to our 12th Imam (ajtf)


Ariza to our 12th Imam (ajtf)

It is highly encouraged to write Arizas [a letter to the Imam of our time (atf)]

With 15th eve of Sha’baan tomorrow night, please find attached below different versions of Ariza writing papers.

Mu’mineen can download, print and use these for writing their Arizas. Please note that Arizas can also be written on any plain paper and can then be buried in the ground, even in your gardens.There will be printed Arizas at the Masjid for those attending.

Please note the Jamaat will not be arranging for the Arizas to be put in the river. You should arrange this yourself and can bury it in your garden.

For more details about writing Arizas, please visit the following link:


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