Today’s date:
29th May 2022
Lunar date:
28th Shawwal 1443
Today’s Salaat Times:
Imsaak at 2:09 am
Fajr at 2:29 am
Sunrise at 4:50 am
Dhuhr at 1:06 pm
Sunset at 9:14 pm
Maghrib at 9:29 pm

4th Mar 20: Measures to Protect Our Community from the spread of Coronavirus (COVID-19)

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  3. 4th Mar 20: Measures to Protect Our Community from the spread of Coronavirus (COVID-19)

4th Mar 20: Measures to Protect Our Community from the spread of Coronavirus (COVID-19)


The Management Committee is closely monitoring the Coronavirus outbreak.  We have assessed the risk to our community using information that is publicly available, our engagements with other Jamaats and guidance from medical professionals in the community.

Based on this we have decided to implement the following precautionary measures:

  • Limit the number of large indoor gatherings
  • Be mindful of the risks posed to the elderly who are most vulnerable to the virus
  • Temporarily stop niyaz and tabarruk which are served in a confined area
  • Continue to actively assess the risks and keep the community informed

Status on Upcoming Programs:

  1. Daily Jamaat Namaaz: No change and will continue until further notice
  2. Thursday night Khushali program: Will be shortened (details to follow shortly)
  3. Friday Juma: Cancelled this week
  4. Saturday Ladies Milad program: Cancelled

Other programs from Saturday onwards:  To be confirmed, further updates will follow


We strongly request children under the age of 16, seniors over the age of 60 and those with underlying conditions not to attend the programs because children are most likely to catch and spread the virus and the elderly and those with underlying conditions are most vulnerable to the virus.   Programs will be broadcasted and available to watch online.

Expectations during the program:

During the programs we request members to adhere to the following:

  1. Avoid shaking of hands and hugging
  2. Avoid close contact with people
  3. Wash hands regularly
  4. Dispose of tissues and cups immediately after use

Attendees are requested to exercise prevention and maintain strict hygiene, including bringing you own personal prayer items (chadders, matts and turbas)

Exercise Prevention:

  1. Foreign travel: If you have recently returned from Iran, Italy or other Coronavirus hotspots you should immediately call NHS111, stay indoors and do not attend the mosque programs and observe self-isolation for at least 14 day.
  2. Feeling unwell: If you are feeling unwell and have fever, coughing or breathing difficulty, do not attend the mosque program and observe self-isolation for at least 14 days.
  3. Hygiene: NHS advice is that we should regularly wash hands for at least 20 seconds and avoid touching the mouth and eyes.

Preventative equipment:

  1. Hand sanitizer dispensers: have been ordered and will be mounted as soon as they arrive
  2. Paper towel dispensers: have also been ordered and will be mounted onto the walls as soon as they arrive
  3. Hand towels: will be removed from the Wudhu area in the gents and ladies area,
  4. Laminate posters: with advice on Coronavirus will be pinned across the mosque

Communities Interest:

The Management Committee takes the health and well-being of our members with the utmost of priority.  With the recent rapid change in the spread of this virus (COVID-19) within the UK and with the emergency meeting held by the Government, we have to take these measures and we appreciate your support and understanding.  If you have any questions then please contact any member of the Management Committee, all matters will be treated in the strictest confidence.

On behalf of the Management Committee of MKSI Leicester

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