Today’s date:
11th August 2022
Lunar date:
13th Muharram 1444
Today’s Salaat Times:
Imsaak at 3:11 am
Fajr at 3:31 am
Sunrise at 5:39 am
Dhuhr at 1:13 pm
Sunset at 8:38 pm
Maghrib at 8:53 pm

Mosque Reopening Update


Due to recent events occurring in the Midland’s the Management Committee has decided to keep the mosque closed for another week for the safety of our members.

As you may be aware, there is an increase in COVID-19 cases in Birmingham. A small number of people from Birmingham had attended our centre mosque and subsequently we have learned that one individuals who attended the Ashura program was asymptomatic at that time has now tested positive for COVID-19.

The individual concerned wore a face mask and adhered to social distancing guidelines therefore exposure to others was minimised. Per our process we have notified anyone that was in proximity of this individual. We ask that if you have COVID 19 symptoms to get yourself tested and inform the Covid Safety Officer (CSO) immediately.

Private Majalis

The Management Committee understand and respect that members wish to organise private Majalis for Imam Hussein (AS) during the months of Muharram and Safar. It is evident from the outbreak within Birmingham Shia Community that there are many lessons to learn to ensure the safety of our members and beyond.

Islamically, members have a responsibility to ensure the safety of each other and that social distancing rules are followed by all attendees.

We request from you the following for the safety of our members:

1) To follow social distancing rules and regulations set by the UK government and if you need support then please contact the CSO for assistance.

2) To let the CSO know of any intended private Majalis and a list of attendees.

3) Not to attend a Majalis at the mosque if you have been organising or attending private majalis where no social distancing rules and regulations are followed.

For general queries on reopening of the mosque, COVID-19 or if you have tested positive then please contact our CSO, brother Arif Karim on 07940 786110.

For reopening of Masjid al Husayn, baseline safety measures and principles video click on

For baseline safety guidelines and principles click on

For FAQ on Leicester Lockdown click on

For Guidance on safe use of Places of Worship click on

MKSI Secretariat

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