Today’s date:
23rd January 2022
Lunar date:
20th Jumada Al Akhira 1443
Today’s Salaat Times:
Imsaak at 6:23 am
Fajr at 6:33 am
Sunrise at 7:59 am
Dhuhr at 12:20 pm
Sunset at 4:33 pm
Maghrib at 4:48 pm

Muharram Announcements



For the 12 Days/Nights of Muharram:

  • Ladies Morning Majlis will be recited by Sister Nusrat Rajwani
  • Evening Urdu Majlis will be recited by Maulana Zafarul Hasan Jalalpuri
  • Evening English Majlis will be reciter by Dr Sayed Ammar Nakshawani

Please note there will be No Live Streaming for the programs


Let us be inspired by Imam Husayn’s [as] legacy and donate generously to keep his message alive and for his sacrifice to be remembered.

You have been privileged to have received the message of truth against falsehood and it is your duty to pass on this message to the children, youths and the public.

We are opening to receive your donations to cover the anticipated costs for the remembrance of the sacrifice of Imam Husayn and Bibi Zainab [as].

We humbly request a minimum donation of £72 per member/couple for the months of Muharram and Safar, which includes the costs associated with programs in these sacred months including expenses for lecturers in gents and ladies, juloos, car parking, security, cleaning, niyaz, refreshments and disposables.

All donations towards Muharram and Safar accepted and we encourage those who have the means, to donate more generously towards the message of Imam Husayn (as).
If you have been blessed then please donate more.

To make a pledge or donation please contact the Treasurer: Br Mohammed Walji (07764857767), Asst Treasurer: Br Mustafa Walji (07931301172); Ladies Treasurer: Sis Kaniz Moledina (07419111159) or see treasury team in the foyer during programme.
We would like to thank you in advance for your donations. May Allah swt reward you, Ameen.


Surah Yaseen will be recited daily during the 12 nights of Muharram.
Have the name of your Marhumeen recited after Surah Yaseen for just £10 a name. Thats less than £1 per night!
Please give your Marhumeen names to Br Ali Abbas Rajani (07726007864) in the Gents or Sis Kaniz Moledina (07419111159) in the Ladies.


Those who wish to recite Surah Yaseen, Marsiya or Matam in the Gents during the 12 Nights of Muharram are requested to give their names to: Br Ali Abbas Rajani (07726007864) as soon as possible.
Children under 15s will be given priority in the first 5 Nights.

Please give your names in advance as spaces are limited.
So that everyone gets a chance to recite, there is a Maximum number of times you can recite during the 12 Nights.
Time allocated per reciter for Marsiya is 5 mins and Matam 7 mins.
Thank you


To recite Marsiya, Matam, Surah Yaseen and Hadithe Kisaa please contact Sis Farha Khatau (07828930193).


The month of Muharram is here. Sponsor Tabarruk & Niyaz to pay your condolences to 14 Infallibles and Ahlul Bayt [as] and the highest gifts will be received by your marhumeens. Please message Sis Farha Khatau (07828930193) or Sis Kaniz Moledina (07419111159).”


  • For the safety and comfort of children, The first 10 days of Muharram ladies with children 5 and under have been facilitated to sit in Al Zahra Centre.
    For mothers who want to sit in the ladies Hall are welcome however this area will be a quiet zone.
  • Ladies are requested to bring extra layer like a shawl as we will not be able to control the temperature once the Air conditioner has been switched on.
  • Question and Answer session for ladies with Dr Sayed Ammar Nakshawanai on Sunday 1st September after Namaaze Zohrain.


Those who wish to hold Taboot, Alam etc during the Day or Night Majlises during the 12 days of Muharram are requested to give their names in the Gents to: Br Ashik Parpia (07514800266) and in the Ladies to: Sis Sabira Sabur (07940771175) as possible.
Please give your names in advance as spaces for holding Taboot, Alam etc are limited.

All the Ladies Taboot Committee Members will have a badge with a high visibility belt so they can be identified, so please approach the right person.

Please cooperate with the Taboot Committee so that the Azadari Program can run smoothly. Thank you


During the night of Muharram we request you all to be extra vigilant when coming to and leaving our centre.
We shall have extra security measures in place for the safety and protection of our members and visitors.


  • We advise you not to travel alone to the Mosque.
  • We also request all parents to ensure that their children are inside during the program.

Car Parking

Members are reminded to:

  • Co-operate with our Car Parking Volunteers;
  • Be mindful to our neighbours and avoid parking on Bridge Road and Duxbury Road;
  • Where possible car share to save on parking spaces.

May ALLAH (Swt) and Bibi Fatima (A.S) accept your Azadari.

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