Today’s date:
29th May 2022
Lunar date:
28th Shawwal 1443
Today’s Salaat Times:
Imsaak at 2:09 am
Fajr at 2:29 am
Sunrise at 4:50 am
Dhuhr at 1:06 pm
Sunset at 9:14 pm
Maghrib at 9:29 pm

Special Program with Syed Nadeem Raza Sarwar

  1. MKSI Leicester
  2. MKSI
  3. Special Program with Syed Nadeem Raza Sarwar

Special Program with Syed Nadeem Raza Sarwar


MKSI Leicester presents a special program with world renowned Nauhakhaan Syed Nadeem Raza Sarawar of Austrailia on Saturday 14th November 2019

The program will begin at 7.37pm Namaaze Maghribain followed by Surah Yaseen, Marsiya by Syed Nadeem Sarwar, Urdu Masaib, Nauha & Matam by Syed Nadeem Sarwar

All are requested to attend this special program

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