Today’s date:
11th August 2022
Lunar date:
13th Muharram 1444
Today’s Salaat Times:
Imsaak at 3:11 am
Fajr at 3:31 am
Sunrise at 5:39 am
Dhuhr at 1:13 pm
Sunset at 8:38 pm
Maghrib at 8:53 pm

Update Message on Reopening of Mosque

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  3. Update Message on Reopening of Mosque

Update Message on Reopening of Mosque



Salaam Alaykum dear community,

The Management Committee would like to thank the community for following the safety guidelines when using the mosque facilities. With the R rate being the lowest in recent months and with the number of COVID cases dropping in the community, it puts us back in Alhumdulliah (Green).

We will therefore in our gradual approach, continue in phase 2 (smaller gatherings) and re-open the mosque from Thursday evening, 18th February for Laylatul Raghaib and 7th Imam Musa Kadhim (AS) Khushali, starting with Jamaat Namaaz at 7:30pm.

Note, registration will be required for this Thursday nights program and future ones unless otherwise stated, booking details to be shared in due course.

Any future programs and prayers at the mosque will be published via MKSI text service.

Due to stricter measures imposed by the government and the excess penalties for not adhering to them, there will be no exceptions to the rules.

If you have symptoms or have been told to self isolate, then please do not attend the programs, to safeguard community members.

In summary;

1) keep social distance inside and outside the mosque in line with government rules
2) wear a face mask during your visit at the mosque,
3) refrain from touching anything,
4) bring your own prayer Mat and Turbah,
5) do wudhoo and refresh yourself before coming to the mosque.
6) do not move the chairs during Jamaat Namaaz and children that are not Baligh are required to pray at the back in order not to break connections. NEW!

For general queries on reopening of the mosque, COVID-19 or if you have tested positive then please contact our COVID Safety Officer (CSO), brother Arif Karim on 07940 786110.

For reopening of Masjid al Husayn, baseline safety measures and principles video click on

For baseline safety guidelines and principles click on



For Guidance on safe use of Places of Worship click on

For any questions on coming to the mosque please call 07979731303.

Thank you for your cooperation, continuous support and lets pray to the Almighty 🙏 through the blessings of the spiritual months and spiritual beings for the safety of our community against this virus.

JazakAllah – MKSI Secretariat

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